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From Andreas Gebhardt <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] - Thoughts on Apache Camel 2.18 and towards 3.0
Date Sun, 03 Apr 2016 19:16:17 GMT
> Yeah sure we love contributions.

Awesome - I create a 'Wish' issue on JIRA (CAMEL-9799) to be transparency.

There are two implementations mentioned on JSON Schema [1], 
'json-schema-validator' [2] which is created by (one of) the authors of 
JSON Schema and 'json-schema' [3].
   Both seems to be compatible with the Apache 2 license. Are there any 
thoughts to use either [2] or [3] or should there be a extra layer to 
choose by ourself?

> Just wonder if swagger can be used instead of raml? swagger is much
> more popular.
> Swagger is now run under an independt organization

You are absolutely right.

We started with Swagger and run into trouble with the annotation based 
documentation. The API exposes and consumes resources as JSON. There is 
a check/validation process of incoming JSON resources against the 
appropriate JSON Schema so we we can rely on mandatory fields without 
testing each time. With RAML we can use these schemas without any 
adoption. Also the 'Consumer Driven Contracts' [4] pattern goes smoothly 
hand-in-hand with support by other 3rd party tools.


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