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From Gerard Klijs <>
Subject Re: Enable ssl for kafka endpoints
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2016 17:18:35 GMT
It all worked out, at least for the producer, which for now was enough.
I only had to use a slight work-around to pas the ‘schema.registry.url’ property to the
(confluent) avroEncoder, since this is not a property of kafka itself, and it is easy to work
around this, I don’t think this needs to be changed.
I also noticed for both the ‘serializerClass’ and the ‘keySerializerClass’ a encoder
is now needed, which is what I would expect, but in the released snapshot there was still
an encoder needed.

I read on the site 2.17 is due to be released soon, is this indeed the case?

Here the main part of the code used:

public void configure() {

    // here is an example of some xml's getting unmarshalled to a avro object and send to
        .to("kafka:" + TOPIC + "&"
                + "requestRequiredAcks=-1&"
                + "serializerClass="+CamelKafkaAvroEncoder.class.getName()+"&"
                + "keySerializerClass="+ StringSerializer.class.getName()+"&"
                + "brokers="
                + "securityProtocol=SSL&"
                + "sslKeyPassword=notsecret&"
                + "sslKeystoreLocation=/client/client.keystore.jks&"
                + "sslKeystorePassword=notsecret&"
                + "sslTruststoreLocation=/client/client.truststore.jks&"
                + "sslTruststorePassword=notsecret");
And the work-around for the ‘schema.registry.url’ property (with the default class it’s
taken from the configs):

 * needed because the schema registry url can't be passed to camel
public class CamelKafkaAvroEncoder extends AbstractKafkaAvroSerializer implements Serializer<Object>

    private static final String SCHEMA_REGISTRY_URL = "";
    private static final String SCHEMA_KEY = getSubjectName(XmlKafkaBuilder.TOPIC,false);

    public void configure(Map<String, ?> configs, boolean isKey) {
        Object maxSchemaObject = configs.get(
        if (maxSchemaObject == null) {
            schemaRegistry = new CachedSchemaRegistryClient(
                    SCHEMA_REGISTRY_URL, AbstractKafkaAvroSerDeConfig.MAX_SCHEMAS_PER_SUBJECT_DEFAULT);
        } else {
            schemaRegistry = new CachedSchemaRegistryClient(
                    SCHEMA_REGISTRY_URL, (Integer) maxSchemaObject);

    public byte[] serialize(String topic, Object record) {
        return serializeImpl(SCHEMA_KEY, record);

    public void close() {

> On 16 Mar 2016, at 17:03, Claus Ibsen <> wrote:
> Hi Gerard
> Okay sounds good. Let us know how it goes. Yeah Camel 2.17 has
> migrated camel-kafka to use their new java library. So there is likely
> a bunch of changes.
> And if you find something not being able to configure SSL etc then let
> us know. And maybe you can find out how to setup SSL with their java
> library, and see if we miss anything in camel-kafka to allow that.
> On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 1:35 PM, Gerard Klijs <> wrote:
>> I'm now in the process of building the project from git, and I noticed it's
>> already using the new consumer and properties. I will try it out to see if
>> it works for me.
>> On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 1:18 PM Gerard Klijs <>
>> wrote:
>>> The current version of the camel-kafka component already has the latest
>>> released ( kafka client included. To be able to use one of the new
>>> features, mutual ssl authentication with the broker, the
>>> current camel-kafka component needs some changes:
>>> - Start using the new kafka consumer (), this changes a lot, different
>>> properties are needed to create the connection, and a different mechanism
>>> is used to subscribe to topics, and to get them.
>>> - Allow at least 5 (preferably all) properties having to do with the ssl
>>> configuration to be used for the ssl connection, both by the consumer and
>>> the producer.
>>> I was wondering if anyone is thinking about doing this. We are currently
>>> considering camel to connect non-java applications to our kafka cluster. We
>>> are required to use ssl, both for the encryption, and for use with the
>>> SimpleAclAuthorizer. It might be an option for us to do it ourselves and
>>> summit the patch.
>>> I just started to take a look at camel, used it to read an xml, and send
>>> it to kafka as avro, using the confluent schema registry.
> -- 
> Claus Ibsen
> -----------------
> @davsclaus
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