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From mluckam <>
Subject Re: Allow httpClient.XXX configuration to be applied to custom HttpClient
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2016 21:44:39 GMT
Is there a reason for such strict either or approach?  Possibly because it
provides two ways to achieve the same goal?

The reason I ask is because my situation is one in which the HttpClient is
customized to remove the Accept-Encoding: gzip header added to all requests
because the decoderFactories member set contains the GZIPContentDecoder
Factory.  This customization cannot be achieved by using the uri parameters. 
A new instance of this custom HttpClient is instantiated in multiple routes,
and each instance may want to have its own configurations. Also
HttpClient.XXX configurations can be passed in by users at runtime, where
the custom HttpClient is a bean that is not modifiable by the user. 
Possibly other users have a similar situation in which it would be
preferable to have a baselined custom instance of the HttpClient that
accepts HttpClient.XXX configurations.

Alternatively if the decoderFactories member was configurable via the Jetty
HttpClient or the CamelHttpClient or the CamelHttpClient9 this would not be
necessary.  Unfortunately the Jetty HttpClient is part of the Jetty project
not Camel, and the CamelHttpClient and therefore the CamelHttpClient9 extend
the Jetty 8 HttpClient where this is not applicable.

Any thoughts on this issue would be appreciated.

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