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From "Siano, Stephan" <>
Subject RE: Changing a single component version
Date Wed, 13 Jan 2016 07:24:09 GMT

This depends on what you are intending to do with the change. If you just want to do *test*
the new feature with a released version you might build the version locally without changing
the version at all. Obviously you cannot push that to any nexus or send it to anybody else
without causing major confusion.
If you actually want to create a patched version of one component, you will have to change
the version of the whole camel project to e.g. 2.16.1-mypatch-01 and build everything with
that version. In the delivery you can mix the patched bundle with the original ones (so you
have version 2.16.1 for most of your jars, just the patched one is on 2.16.1-mypatch-01).
Changing the version for the whole camel tree can be done with the maven versions plugin (you
really don't want to touch each pom in the whole camel tree manually). The build of the whole
thing will take some time.

Best regards

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From: Doug Tung [] 
Sent: Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2016 05:25
Subject: Changing a single component version

Is there a best practice for bumping the version of a single component when
testing a new patch/feature?

I would like to be able to build and test the single component without
changing the entire version of the camel tree.

Right now, if I add a version element to a component sub-pom (say
2.16.1-myVersion, I start having build errors because the version is
automatically applied to camel-package-maven-plugin, camel-test-spring and
perhaps others.

Any advice is appreciated.


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