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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: CXF - too many dependencies
Date Tue, 08 Sep 2015 16:08:57 GMT
We've discussed this issue recently where we showed that in CXF 3.1.x a 
number of dependencies for a given CXF frontend has been dramatically 

So first try to move to Camel which uses CXF 3.1.x - Camel 2.16.0 to be 
released soon for example.

As far as camel-cxf is concerned it is indeed has a modularity  issue of 
its own - CXF JAX-RS was piggy-backed on top of CXF JAX-WS there which 
adds a certain dependency overhead - which can still be easily managed 
by explicitly excluding either of the frontends if needed.
Camel JIRA issue exists for getting camel-cxf split and have a new 
camel-cxfrs module introduced - it will be addressed at some point


On 08/09/15 16:19, smalik wrote:
> Hi, I'm working on a Java application doing various integration work using
> Camel.
> I now need to send a POJO to an external running web service for the first
> time.
> So this should be simple, I simply need to have a producer endpoint using
> CXF.
> However, the number of dependencies required by the CXF component is huge
> (having a look in camel-cxf project, its around 100 jars). This is going to
> be tricky, as my application is a legacy one that is non-Maven, non-Spring,
> so I don't really want to have to pull in all these jars just for a simple
> POJO webservice call.
> Have I got something wrong, is cxf really so large? I looked here for its
> minimum dependencies
> (
> but its not really clear to me what the critical jars are for my purpose.
> Any advice here appreciated.
> thanks
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