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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: StreamCache for CxfPayload
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2015 08:46:29 GMT
Using the Source object in CxfPayload is get a better performance, but it could cause some
trouble if you want to reread the Payload message again. I agree with you we need avoid the
satiation that converted object have some side effects on CxfPayload body.

I will apply the patch shortly.  

Willem Jiang

Red Hat, Inc.
Blog: (English) (Chinese)
Twitter: willemjiang  
Weibo: 姜宁willem

On February 25, 2015 at 5:12:19 PM, Siano, Stephan ( wrote:
> Hi,
> The CxfPayload data type (from camel-cxf) contains some stream elements but does not
> support stream caching.
> I am working on a contribution to provide stream caching for that. During that if found
> some strange things in the CxfPayloadConverter:
> If the CxfPayloadConverter converts a CxfPayload into something else, it might change
> the original CxfPayload as a side effect. This is likely done in order to make the CxfPayload
> re-readable (because otherwise the Source containing the message body may get lost  
> after processing). The code also contains a bug: if the body source is e.g. converted
> into a SAXSource the body source will be set to that SAXSource even if was set to a (re-readable)
> DOMSource before. I created CAMEL-8402 for that (the patch just removes two lines of
> code).
> In my optinion this side-effect of the type converter should not be there at all. Do
> think it is ok if I remove the mechanism altogether when introducing a StreamCache for
> CxfPayload? The StreamCache will make sure that the CxfPayload is re-readable without
> these hacks.
> Best regards
> Stephan

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