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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Few CXFRS patches
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2015 17:13:11 GMT
Hi All,

Happy New Year,

I've worked on creating few CXFRS patches, Willem has helped with 
applying one of them (thanks).

I'd like to ask Willem or someone else who has some experience with 
CXFRS to review and apply two more patches (sometime next week would be 

The patch at [1] fixes a minor bug where CXFRS does not support CXF 
JAX-RS model resources. I'm aware a number of CXF users do use the 
external models to turn non-annotated classes into JAX-RS endpoints, so 
it is going be useful. Besides, I'd like to use this fix as a base for 
doing an initial POC for CXFRS endpoint registering a model only, no 
concrete interfaces or implementations (though I guess some default 
class would have to be used internally).

The patch at [2] provides for an optional but very important improvement 
which will make it much easier for CXF JAX-RS users with the existing 
JAX-RS implementations migrate to Camel. It is safe, simple and as I 
said, optional. As I explained at [3], this patch will let CXFRS users 
route not only the request properties to the next route point but also 
an existing service's response if it is possible. Example, the existing 
DB query would return some object (thus no need to do it again in a 
Camel processor) and then the processor would posty the response to a 
queue, log, etc...

Patch to [4] is also available, but I'm thinking it may need a bit more 
work, so patches to [1] and [2] is what I'd appreciate someone aplying 
next week

Cheers, Sergey


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