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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: [discuss] Future of the camel-jetty producer side
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2014 12:56:50 GMT
It sounds good to me, we can do the http common module work later.

Willem Jiang

Red Hat, Inc.
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On December 10, 2014 at 5:06:02 PM, Christian Schneider ( wrote:
> I agree with Dan that a common module and one module for jetty8 and one
> for jetty9 is probably the best route to go. Like Willem mentioned we
> can even try to create a http common module if possible. I would start
> with a jetty based common module first as it is probably the easier step.
> I am not yet sure how to do the sepearation between the common and the
> jetty version dependent part. To get a better feeling for it I started
> to simply switch the client part to jetty 9 in the current module. So I
> can see how the new jetty 9 based module wouldd look like. I plan to
> have this fully working till end of the week and will commit it in a
> temporary branch for you guys to review.
> As a next step we should then define the separation between the modules.
> The last step would then be to implement the three modules.
> For the karaf feature I plan to use the new conditional descriptors to
> install the correct module depending on the karaf runtime. So for karaf
> 2.4 and 3 it should install the jetty8 one and for karaf 4 it should
> install the jetty 9 one.
> Both of the modules would be installed with the same feature camel-jetty
> and the same prefix jetty: . So this should minimize the impact on
> users. This approach should also allow us to work with an upcoming jetty 10.
> Do we all agree that on camel master we only need to support jetty 8 and
> 9 and can safely remove jetty 7 support as Dan has already done?
> Christian
> On 09.12.2014 11:18, Daniel Kulp wrote:
> > Jetty 8 (and 7) are already end of life so we’re trying to figure out the “best”
way to get  
> Jetty 9 support so we can get a camel-jetty component that can use a supported version
> of Jetty. So for Camel 2.15, the question, to me, is how to support both 8 and 9 (assuming
> we need to support 8 which I think is a good assumption).
> >
> > We could have separate “camel-jetty” and “camel-jetty8” components, but
there would  
> be a huge amount of code duplication which is always a concern. Another option is a camel-jetty-common
> with then the two subcomponents depending on that. That would reduce the duplication,
> but would obviously then add another jar/bundle. Not sure if that is a big deal. We could
> shade that into the two others. Test class duplication would still be a problem.
> >
> >
> > Dan
> >
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> Christian Schneider
> Open Source Architect

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