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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: [discuss] Future of the camel-jetty producer side
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2014 08:40:53 GMT
On 11.12.2014 07:32, Claus Ibsen wrote:
> And frankly a camel-http-core would maybe also be good, which has no 
> or only dependency on the servlet api. Then there can be some shared 
> code that the various HTTP components can rely and reuse. 
Yes it would avoid that we depend on camel-http which brings in unwanted 
additional dependencies. On the other hand it would add one more module. 
I hope we can manage the embedding.
It might be a bit problematic as we need to export the shared classes. 
Probably it can work if we also import them. We will have to experiment 
with it.
>> As a next step we should then define the separation between the modules. The
>> last step would then be to implement the three modules.
>> For the karaf feature I plan to use the new conditional descriptors to
>> install the correct module depending on the karaf runtime. So for karaf 2.4
>> and 3 it should install the jetty8 one and for karaf 4 it should install the
>> jetty 9 one.
>> Both of the modules would be installed with the same feature camel-jetty and
>> the same prefix jetty: . So this should minimize the impact on users. This
>> approach should also allow us to work with an upcoming jetty 10.
> Sounds good. Is that a karaf 4 only thing?
The conditionals should be available for karaf >= 2.4 so we should be 
able to cover all supported karaf versions with the feature file. It 
will then definately exclude karaf < 2.4 though but I think that should 
be ok.
>> Do we all agree that on camel master we only need to support jetty 8 and 9
>> and can safely remove jetty 7 support as Dan has already done?
> Yes jetty 7 can and should be dropped/removed
> What about CXF, what versions of Jetty does it support?
> Does CXF 3.0.x support both jetty 8 and 9?
CXF 3.0 supports jetty 7 and 8 as far as I know.
CXF 3.1 will support jetty 8 and 9. So we should use karaf >= 3 with a 
cxf >= 3.1 and the camel version that supports jetty 8 and 9 for smx.

> eg so we can do a SMX release with Camel 2.15 + CXF 3.0.x + Karaf 3.0
> + AMQ 5.11 and they all live happy together with the same version of
> Jetty
> ActiveMQ 5.11 may need to be made jetty 8 + 9 compatible also.
Most of activemq 5.10 already works with karaf 4 (jetty 9). The main 
problem is the rest API which needs to be updated.


Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect

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