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From Babak Vahdat <>
Subject About an OSGi test failing by our codebase
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2014 09:46:04 GMT

I was looking into one of the OSGi tests being recently added into the

Which is disabled from very first day inside the corresponding POM as it’s

It's the *only* OSGi test about the Camel Tracer we've got inside our whole
codebase so why I think it's a good/important one. I've already got a fix in
place for it which I will commit shortly. However to make the test work I
make use of Tracer#destinationUri instead of Tracer#destination property
inside the blueprint XML. The wired thing is that using Tracer#destination
you get *no* exception or the likes, simply nothing... but you just end up
with the following line on the console, which BTW is very famous on Google

So if any OSGi / Pax Exam expert out there has got an idea what the problem
could be, then that would be cool. I suspect the problem is with PAX Exam
itself rather than Camel as I tried out the same test setup using
camel-test-blueprint module which passed properly! Well behind the scene
that guy uses PojoSR and not a real OSGi runtime as PAX Exam does, but even

Also my intention by the next days on the master branch is to upgrade to Pax
Exam 4.3 so please keep your fingers crossed :)

Side note: The test behaviour using Pax Exam 4.3 is exactly the same.


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