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From Gregor Zurowski <>
Subject Component Design Question
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2014 01:54:23 GMT
Hi Everyone:

A recent discussion on the camel-users list [1] showed that the
camel-jcr component needs some enhancements to better support
real-world use cases. I would like to add query functionality, so that
users are able to submit JCR-SQL or JCR-XPath queries and retrieve
matching nodes. A possible implementation could look as follows:

- Add support for new values to CamelJcrOperation header with the
names "JcrQuerySql" and "JcrQueryXPath" for triggering queries by the
- The actual query is read from the body of the IN message.
- Matching nodes are returned in the body of the OUT message.

The question is how to return the resulting nodes? I considered the
following approaches:

1) Simply return an array of strings where each string is the UUID of
a matching node, e.g. [c042662a-f5be-11e3-8344-b2227cce2b54,
c0426b5c-f5be-11e3-8344-b2227cce2b54, ...]. The downside of this
approach is that the client would need to submit follow-up requests
for each UUID (e.g. with the CamelJcrGetById operation).

2) Return a list of javax.jcr.Node [2] instances of all matching
nodes. This is similar to what the current consumer implementation
returns (which is a list of javax.jcr.observation.Event instances).

3) Return a list of custom items. Each item is a translated version of
the javax.jcr.Node type where each field was converted into a common
Java type (similar to what the camel-cmis component is doing when
translating CMIS query results into a List<Map<String, Object>> data

What would be the best approach to return query results by the
producer, i.e. what would be the Camel-way of returning the results?

Thanks in advance,


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