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From Daniel Pocock <>
Subject recipientList problems with JMS?
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2014 14:03:19 GMT

Are there known issues using recipientList with JMS?

Can the recipient list argument be an arbitrary JMS queue name or does
it have to reference a pre-defined JMS endpoint of some kind?

I've observed the route hanging when it tries to use recipientList, e.g.
the last log messages are for that route are:

Creating endpoint uri=[jms://queue:test.queue], path=[queue:test.queue]
jms://queue:test.queue converted to endpoint:
Endpoint[jms://queue:test.queue] by component:
Starting producer: Producer[jms://queue:test.queue]
Adding to producer cache with key: Endpoint[jms://queue:test.queue] for
producer Producer[jms://queue:test.queue]
Redelivery enabled: false on error handler:
Executing callback on JMS Session:
Sending JMS message to: HornetQQueue[test.queue] with message:

Other routes continue processing messages but this route just doesn't do
anything after that log message about Sending JMS message

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