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From Claus Ibsen <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Camel 2.12.3
Date Sat, 22 Feb 2014 08:57:37 GMT
On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 7:45 AM, Jan Matèrne (jhm) <> wrote:
>> sorry to interfere, but shouldn't the vote be on the src package only
>> ("releases be primarily based on a signed source package"), therefore
>> the "binary" is just a nice topping on top and this is just a pure
>> makeup failure.
>> please correct me if I'm wrong :)
>> The quote was taken from the release.html that Hadrian just posted
>> before.
> If I read the ASF release guidelines [1] correctly, all things a project ships out is
a release.
> So because Camel ships a bin-distro, that's also a release.
> [1]
>> I'll give it another 12 hours and if nothing changes I will close
>> the vote and release 2.12.3. If within this time you convince another
>> PMC member to change his vote I will cancel this vote.
> I am also a fan a building against the oldest supported platform.
> Would it be possible to
> - build Camel against Java6 for getting the "right" class file format
> - generate the html using Java7
> - jar them using Java6?
> Another option would drop Java6 ... But as Oracle writes [2] for Java6:
> - Feb 2011: End of Public Updates Notification
> - Feb 2013: End of Public Updates
> - Dec 2013: Premier Support Until
> - Jun 2017: Extended Support Until
> [2]

Java 6 has been EOL for 1 year now, since end of February 2013 [2]
You can buy enterprise support from Oracle if you want a paid support
for Java6 for a longer time.
But the community releases is EOL.

So its IMHO about time we also start consider dropping Java6 for newer
Camel releases.
Maybe for the Camel release after 2.13.x, meaning 2.13.x branch is the
last Java6 supported branch of ours.

Also Java8 is around the corner, so we would need to move on in Camel
so we can start to take advantage of Java8 stuff in future Camel


Java SE 6 End of Public Updates Notice

After February 2013, Oracle will no longer post updates of Java SE 6
to its public download sites. Existing Java SE 6 downloads already
posted as of February 2013 will remain accessible in theJava Archive
on Oracle Technology Network. Developers and end-users are encouraged
to update to more recent Java SE versions that remain available for
public download. For enterprise customers, who need continued access
to critical bug fixes and security fixes as well as general
maintenance for Java SE 6 or older versions, long term support is
available through Oracle Java SE Support .


> Jan

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