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From Jan Matèrne (jhm) <>
Subject AW: [VOTE] Release Apache Camel 2.12.3
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2014 06:45:36 GMT
> sorry to interfere, but shouldn't the vote be on the src package only
> ("releases be primarily based on a signed source package"), therefore
> the "binary" is just a nice topping on top and this is just a pure
> makeup failure.
> please correct me if I'm wrong :)
> The quote was taken from the release.html that Hadrian just posted
> before.

If I read the ASF release guidelines [1] correctly, all things a project ships out is a release.
So because Camel ships a bin-distro, that's also a release.


> I'll give it another 12 hours and if nothing changes I will close
> the vote and release 2.12.3. If within this time you convince another
> PMC member to change his vote I will cancel this vote.

I am also a fan a building against the oldest supported platform.
Would it be possible to 
- build Camel against Java6 for getting the "right" class file format
- generate the html using Java7
- jar them using Java6?

Another option would drop Java6 ... But as Oracle writes [2] for Java6:
- Feb 2011: End of Public Updates Notification
- Feb 2013: End of Public Updates
- Dec 2013: Premier Support Until
- Jun 2017: Extended Support Until



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