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From Aki Yoshida <>
Subject update of websocket
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2013 16:10:31 GMT
A few weeks ago, I posted to this list about my thought on the camel-websocket

I did some prototyping and I wanted to share this with you to get some
feedback.  But I will be on vacation and not brining my notebook with
me, so I'll be making a break for a while and get back working on it
after I come back.

And here it goes. I created two endpoints. One is for the server side
websocket handling based on Atmosphere. It supports both the consumer
and producer modes to have an asynchronous duplex data transfer on the
socket, as done in the current camel-websocket component.

The implementation is based on the camel-servlet component and uses
its own servlet that delegates calls to the Atmosphere's websocket
handler that is connected to the camel component.

This code [1] is available at my github. Please note that I just used
an apache camel package name and version during this prototyping and I
hope this was okay for this kind of work.

I prepared a test scenario [2] that can be executed on karat. This
requires a service bundle [3] that publishes camel-websocket2's
CamelWebSocketServlet to the OSGi registry. There is a short
instruction [4] for setting up karaf for running this scenario.

This scenario is written in Blueprint but I made also the
corresponding Spring version (see those without "_bp"). In either
case, the scenario has two routes: one performing a single websocket
echoing and the other performing a broadcast websocket echoing.

The second endpoint component is for the client side websocket based
on async-http-client. This also supports both consumer and producer to
have a duplex data transfer on the socket as in the server side
processing. I put this endpoint in another component [5], but we could
consider consolidating these two into one or maybe with others.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I am going on vacation, so I just put
together all this before making a break. There is some stuff that I
will clean up or refactor or consolidate after I come back from my

I would appreciate if you can look at it and give some feedback.



regards, aki

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