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From Henryk Konsek <>
Subject Re: Contributing Scomp Component (was Contributing Stomp Component)
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2013 09:09:00 GMT
> Hadrian:
> We know however from past experience that the community's ability to
> support scala based code was not at par with the rest of the code base.

This is changing. Scala is getting more popular among Java people. And
this trend is visible almost within our community. Year ago I wouldn't
commit anything in Scala, now I'm waiting for another of my pull
requests to be merged into the Spring Scala [1] project. In the year
from this point forward probably more of us will adopt Scala for their
skillsets. Keep in mind also that rejecting Scala contributions will
result in rejecting the Scala people from our community. This is
Catch-22 kind of situation.

> Christian:
> But providing an integration with Stomp is not a Scala subject IMO.
> And there is no reason why this component can not be developed in Java.

Yes it is - maintenance of Java code making use of Scala libraries not
designed to be accessed from Java is a hell. It is technically
possible, but tough in reality. This is unnecessary maintenance burden
we can easily avoid just by writing the component in Scala.

> Christian:
> There are many other scripting languages
> running in a JVM (
> Should we also accept new components written in these languages? I don't
> think so...

First of all Scala is bit different than ordinary scripting language,
because it is often (and successfully) considered by users as the
replacement for Java in the context of the messaging-related systems.
Also, let's say Groovy, can be integrated into Java component more
easily than Scala.

> Willem:
> I think few people know about jclouds, hl7,redis …
> but we are open mind to host these components.

Very good point.

To summarize a little bit - I strongly believe that we as development
team can handle supporting Scala components. I also believe that
throwing away Scala contributions from our community will not be good
for it in the long run.

Best regards.


Henryk Konsek

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