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From Willem jiang <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Scala components in ASF Camel
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2013 01:07:08 GMT

Scala is hot, I'm willing to help the Scala related components in Apache camel repository.
Once we have more Scala components, we could attract more Scala developers :)

BTW, it doesn't spend us lots of time to maintain the camel-scala component.  

As Scala has some back compatible issue, I think we can consider to create a sub project in
camel which can host the Scala related components, and we do the release as the more Scala
project does. That could be a part of work in our Camel 3.0 plan.

Any thought?

Willem Jiang

Red Hat, Inc.
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On Sunday, February 17, 2013 at 6:25 PM, Henryk Konsek wrote:

> Hi,
> We've been discussing lately [1] how should we handle components
> referencing Scala libraries. The discussion seems to become suspended
> without the final punchline, so I would like to rise this topic again
> so we could settle some agreement for this issue.
> As a reminder - the topic under the discussion is whether components
> written in Scala should be maintained under the umbrella of ASF Camel.
> Of course we are talking only about the cases when the subject of the
> component is written is Scala (Akka, Scomp, etc.).
> I'm the proponent of accepting the Scala-related contributions for ASF
> Camel. In my opinion we shouldn't deter Scala people from our
> community. I also think that we got enough Scala-enabled developers
> here in Camel to handle the maintenance of the Scala components. On
> the other side some of the committers got some doubts regarding our
> ability to maintain Scala contributions on the sufficient level of
> quality.
> In the discussion thread [1] I mentioned at the beginning of my mail
> the following propositions have been raised:
> * create separated community for the Scala components (like Camel Extra)
> * host Scala components on Camel-Extra
> * accept components only if N committers would declare that they will
> maintain the component
> * create "Scala team" from the committers declaring to maintain the
> Scala-related contributions
> * use Java to write components referencing Scala libraries
> * say "host it on github" to contributors :)
> I would like us to discuss the proposed options and probably come with
> some further ideas. There are people interested in the future of Scala
> in Camel, so I believe that finally we should come up with a concrete
> strategy for Scala contributions.
> Best regards.
> [1]
> --
> Henryk Konsek

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