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From Willem jiang <>
Subject Re: [Camel 3 discussion] Components releases
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2013 02:34:39 GMT
It's hard to track all the version of camel-component and it will make the release process
every complex, if we don't release it with the core. So I cannot agree with this proposal.

As you know In ServiceMix we have lots components which have not direct dependency with the
core, so we break this components out and release them separately. Before we do the servicemix
release, we need to release the kernel ( which is Karaf now), bundles, components, features.
Because the Apache 3 days release vote policy, a whole release will take for weeks. It holds
the release for years, and we can see ServiceMix can barely do one major release per year.

In Camel we provides the patch release after the major release, I think it is not a big deal
if we need to meet the needs of camel component release. BTW, the patch release is also slow
down the trunk development, as it is time consuming work that we need to merge back the patch
to assume it works in different branch.  

Willem Jiang

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On Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 3:16 PM, Henryk Konsek wrote:

> Hi,
> Unfortunately I won't be able to join the IRC session today as I need
> to hire myself as a babysitter this evening. However I would like to
> discuss some subject that come up recently [1]. One on the issues
> discussed during the previous IRC session was the question whether is
> it possible to release components more frequently than core.
> I was wondering if we could introduce additional versioning for the
> components based on the Maven version qualifiers [2] starting from
> Camel 3. Qualifiers are fully supported by Maven. Versions comparison
> and ranges work with qualifiers as well [3]. As far as I googled
> Release Plugin can handle them correctly too (as well as
> submodule-only release).
> The versioning of the core would stay the same. Whenever we release
> core, we release all the components as well - this doesn't change as
> we want to guarantee the users that we have tested all components
> against the latest core. However we could change the versioning of the
> components to be qualified as follows - camel-cxf-3.0.0-CR-01 (where
> CR qualifier stands for "Component Release").
> What camel-cxf-3.0.0-CR-03 version would state is - this is the 3rd
> version of the CXF component tested against the Camel 3.0.0 core.
> This approach will require us to decouple "components" module from the
> core the same was as camel-extra is. To be exact components should be
> dependent on the release version of camel-core instead of SNAPSHOT.
> And we should perform core release separately before the components
> release.
> I have never worked with qualified releases so I'm not sure if this
> approach won't be the release hell, but I think we could consider this
> option as Maven offers qualifiers out of the box. This may be a nice
> option to reduce time needed to deliver the latest artifacts to the
> end users.
> What do you think?
> Best regards.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> --
> Henryk Konsek

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