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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: [Camel 3 discussion] Components releases
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2013 07:09:48 GMT
I am -1 for separate component releases. There are two problems:

1. Each component release needs a vote. So with the 100+ components we 
would have 100 votes instead of one vote for a camel release.
Of course it is less in practice as not every component is released 
every time but still a lot of votes.

2. We need to support each release of a component for a certain time and 
make sure it is compatible to camel core and other components in various 
So a support request may read like: I am using camel-core 3.0.1 with 
camel-jms 2.5.4 and camel-jetty 3.2.2 but sometimes get exception xy. 
This is quite hard to support.
Compare this to people who now say I am using camel 2.2.10 with 
camel-jms and camel-jetty. Even my proposal would make support a lot harder.

I think it makes sense to have minor releases every let´s say 3 months 
and bugfix releases for each supported minor release also about every 
1-3 months. So if we support a minor release for a year
it means we have about 4 minor releases to support in parallel.

If we would theoretically release every component every 3 months or even 
faster it would mean we have a gigantic number of branches and version 
combinations to support. This is not manageable in my opinion.


Am 19.02.2013 23:21, schrieb Henryk Konsek:
> Hi Christian,
>> How about a simpler model?
>> A component could specify the minimum camel core or better api in the future
>> it needs.
>> For example:
>> camel-jms 3.0 -> camel-core 3.0
>> camel-jms 3.1 -> camel-core 3.0
> Unfortunately this approach doesn't address the problem that component
> users still need to wait for core to be released if they want the
> latest version of the component. The main issue I try to address is to
> give the users faster access the to the released components without
> waiting for the core release.
> Best regards.

Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect
Talend Application Integration Division

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