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From Grzegorz S <>
Subject CAMEL with Spring WS for synchronization
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2012 12:56:04 GMT
Hello i am creating Web Service using Spring. My system architecture look
like: Client <--> Web Service1 <--> querry <--> Web Service2 <-->

Client sends a request to Server1, via WS1. WS1 puts an objects in a query
and wait (checking if there is any thing new). Then, we we have a process
running on Server2, checking new objects. When there is a new object, it
call Server via WS2. Some job are done, WS2 replay, process one Server2 put
something back on the queue, then, the process running on Server1 detects
the change, does some job and replay to the client.

Problem lies in synchronization because response have to be sent to clien
within one session, and i do not knew time of proccesing request in Server.
I heard about some CAMEL synchronization method that could help me something
like wait with executing code till there will be response in querry.

Thread.sleep or any kind of a method that stop executing code is

I have never had any connection with camel, that is why i posted it here so
maybe if this is possible and if it is where should i start.

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