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From massyl <>
Subject aws-s3 EndPoint and s3 Acl on created objects
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2012 00:04:46 GMT
Hi all,
i'm working with aws-s3 endpoint and facing some limitation regarding
setting Acl on new created objects.
There is no way to specify what Acl to set on those newly created objects.
for new created buckets we have the possibility to use setPolicy(String) on
S3Configuration but not for created objects.
This limitation comes from S3Producer that creates internaly
PutObjectRequest without offring a means for providing Acl to set on this

What do you think about enhancing this S3Producer to  accept two new headers
for example :
1) exchange.setHeader(S3Constant.CANNED_ACL,"public-read") // to set
commonly used ACL as strings
2) exchange.setHeader(S3Constant.ACL, new AccessControlList(...) )// to set
more specific ACL using a well constructed object

1) The string will be used to get the right object from
CannedAccessControlList  amazon enum for example
2) AccessControlList may be amazon's AccessControlList object or a custom
Camel object that will map to amazon one.

Thanks in advance for your reply


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