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From James Strachan <>
Subject adding Bindings to Endpoints...
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2012 10:13:15 GMT
Inspired by the SwitchYard project and how it uses contracts in SCA, I
thought I'd take a stab at adding something vaguely similar to Camel;
to allow us to add bindings to an endpoint (e.g. ensuring a particular
Data Format is used in or out of the endpoint, to add a validation
step , add transactions or whatnot).

It turned out to be really simple ;) there's not really much in the
way of code; its more a new concept (rather like the introduction of
Data Format a long time ago). I've tried to document what Bindings are
and how they can be used - and when to use them or not...

I'm not sure how big a deal they are in general to Camel folks; if you
only use an endpoint once inside a route and the route isn't used or
shared by anything else, they are not that useful really. But I can
see them being useful when folks have lots of endpoints; or wish to
pass endpoints into and out of composite routes etc.

So far there's only one Binding implementation ;) the
DataFormatBinding which was pretty trivial to implement.

Am sure we could hack up others for Java type conversion, XSD
validation or WSDL contract enforcement or whatnot.

We could also add a little bit of syntax sugar in the Java/XML DSLs to
make them a little more DRY to use.


Red Hat

Twitter: jstrachan, fusenews

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