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From Raul Kripalani <>
Subject Re: [HEADS UP] Classloader mixup with Jetty consumers
Date Sat, 27 Oct 2012 17:03:21 GMT
Looks like my reply wasn't delivered to the list on Oct 22nd... Here
it goes again:

Hi Willem,

With regards to the integration test, the Processor that compares
classloaders sits right after the consumer endpoint. So, if it
succeeds when 2 or more bundles share the same HTTP port, we can be
certain that the Jetty consumer has set the TCCL correctly. Otherwise,
at least 1 of them would have the wrong TCCL.

Regardless of what happens afterwards in the route, the Jetty consumer
has done it's job correctly.

In a more complex scenario, even if there was a threads() DSL or any
other DSL that runs on a separate threadpool, it's understood that the
threadpool would have been created by the Camel Context itself, so the
TCCL will be correct anyway. Isn't this the case?


Raúl Kripalani
Apache Camel Committer
Enterprise Architect, Program Manager, Open Source Integration specialist | | twitter: @raulvk

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