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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION]Camel Karaf/Blueprint Support Roadmap
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2012 21:07:16 GMT

On Oct 15, 2012, at 4:53 PM, Scott England-Sullivan <> wrote:

> That was my thought until I ran the camel-itest-karaf project with
> Karaf 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT which generates a whole host of errors.  More
> investigation is required but it would seem that Camel, as of right
> now, either supports Karaf 2.2.9 or 2.3.0.

Well, *THAT* is a completely different issue than a blueprint version discussion.   There
are a LOT LOT more changes in Karaf 2.3 than just Blueprint 1.0.0.   It could be the specs
jars behaving differently, blueprint, proxy, asm, jmx, pax-web, jetty, etc…    2.3.0 was
way way to long coming and contains a lot more changes than it really should have. (IMO)

IMO, it's most likely a test harness issue.   Talend has spent the last two months doing very
extensive testing of CXF and Camel on the Karaf 2.3 snapshots.   Thus, I'm fairly confident
that Camel (and CXF) works fine with Karaf 2.3.   The internal test harnesses we use for our
test suites have been updated for Karaf 2.3.   I don't know what may be required to get things
working well for Camel.     For example, with 2.3, the customer file we use
in the camel test harness is definitely not needed and may even be causing problems.  

It's definitely something we need to look at, but is a completely different issue than blueprint
version support.


> On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 1:31 PM, Daniel Kulp <> wrote:
>> On Oct 15, 2012, at 1:30 PM, Scott England-Sullivan <> wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> There have been several requests and recommendations in various threads to
>>> upgrade camel-blueprint to Aries Blueprint 1.0.0.  Having been involved
>>> with several of them recently I started to review the impacts of this
>>> change.  I could be over-thinking this but I don't believe this upgrade
>>> should happen without a simultaneous upgrade of the Camel Karaf support to
>>> 2.3.0 as that is the first release to offer support for Aries Blueprint
>>> 1.0.0.
>>> This of course carries a risk of breaking backwards compatibility with
>>> Camel 2.10.x and its support of Karaf 2.2.9.
>>> Therefore I wanted to bring this forward to a larger audience and get input
>>> on whether or not this is a change desired for Camel 2.11 or is it
>>> something to look at further down the road.
>> There are two different parts to this:
>> 1) Supporting 1.0.0
>> 2) Dropping support for 0.3
>> I really don't think the two of them are mutually exclusive.   The version range
we currently use for the aries blueprint stuff is:
>> org.apache.aries.blueprint;version="[0.2,2)"
>> and I know we've done fairly extensive testing of Camel with 1.0.0.  Thus, I think
we can already claim that we support 1.0.0.    Thus, it's more of a question of #2.
>> The real question is "What do we gain by dropping support for 0.3?"   At this point,
I think the answer is "something close to nothing".  However, it would prevent easy deployment
on the way more widely used Karaf 2.2.x.   Thus, I would say there is no point in doing it
at this time.
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