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From Hadrian Zbarcea <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Hide 'issues' tab in the Camel-Extra Google Project site
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2012 02:10:56 GMT
I fail to follow the reasoning. There are plenty of camel components 
hosted by other open source projects, various individual github users 
and even by commercial companies.

What does project governance have to do with anything? Bonus question: 
is your expectation that Apache Camel would be a one stop shop for all 
things Camel?

Hint [1] (first two sentences). Camel-extra is not covered and not 
governed the same way.



On 09/26/2012 03:19 AM, Henryk Konsek wrote:
>> - Using Apache JIRA for Camel extra
> For now, I'll keep Camel Extra issues in Google Issue tracker. We
> shouldn't have Camel Extra issues spread around two places. However it
> will be nice if eventually we could use Jira for that.
>> (- Using Issue notifications on for issues raised
>> in Camel extra)
>> - Using Commit notifications on for changes in
>> Camel extra
> Yeah, since from the developer point of view it doesn't matter if
> somebody commits to Regular Camel or Extra Camel.
>> - Using the Apache Confluence WIKI for Camel extra components
> IMHO This is a must. We need uniform documentation format for all
> Camel stuff. I can't imagine redirecting end users to another
> documentation site.
> Camel by nature integrates technologies with various licenses. If we
> make non-Apache components a second class citizens, will be a
> second-class integration framework when it comes to non-Apache
> software. And Mule users will laugh at us :) .

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