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From Raul Kripalani <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Should camel enforce usage of proper URIs?
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2012 22:46:10 GMT
I know that the discussion at hand is not exactly related to what I'm
going to propose. But I'll blurt out my idea just to enrich the debate

Endpoint options can be applicable to producers, consumers or both.

Currently, the validation of the applicability is done in code - if
lucky. I even luckier, the component page will tag options according
to what they are applicable to. Unfortunately, it's not always the
case. Look at camel-jms for instance.

I suggest that we add annotations to the API to decorate the fields
representing the options in the Endpoint class, to indicate what they
are applicable to.

We can then add some automatic validation logic and reporting based on
the annotations.



On 19 Jun 2012, at 22:08, Ioannis Canellos <> wrote:

> Do we have a brief estimate of how many components do not use clean URIs?
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