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From Hadrian Zbarcea <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Should camel enforce usage of proper URIs?
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2012 15:28:43 GMT
Perfect, fully agree. To rephrase (and reorder).
1. We tell users that these are not really URIs.
2. Users need to encode.
3. Change components and redesign URIs to make them valid.

I'll comment on these below.

> Well, there aren't many solutions.  Either users need to encode uri or we
> need to change the components to not use reserved characters.  I don't
> really see any other solution for now, and both are not backward
> compatible.  But I'm still not sure what you have really have in mind as a
> technical solution.
> Also I don't think we've ever transformed any endpoint uri into a
>, so as it was already stated, one solution is also to say
> those are not uris anymore  (and I don't say I want this solution, but that
> still is one to consider).
But first, yes, we *always* transformed String uris into 
That code was there from camel 1.0. The issue is that we first encoded 
unsafe characters, thus hiding the *potential* problem, a bit of a hack. 
Actually, it wasn't really a serious problem for the first components, 
because they mostly used valid uri. (As an aside, there are a few other 
unnecessary/wrong hacks in there, like transforming direct:foo to 
direct://foo, which is not the same, one is a urn, the other a url, but 
I digress).

But then when more components came in, nobody realized the problem, 
myself included. We didn't think it through well enough, and more 
importantly didn't document any guidelines. We got into ugly URI designs 
like quartz and sql. For quartz we redesigned the URI, actually a few 
times, replacing the ' ' with '+' and other things, we still have edge 
cases that haunt us, look at the recent jiras. The camel-sql uri is a 
skeleton in the closet. Also we

All in all there are only a handful of components that are bad 
offenders. To me this is an opportunity we have, based on a lot of 
experience now, to clean up and simplify this part of Camel.

Now back to the options:

1. Yuck.
2. Totally sucks.
3. IMO the only option.

Yes, we must keep both syntax flavors and stay backwards compatible for 
a reasonable period of time.
Yes, we must provide a simple migration path.
Yes, we need to consider and not break components developed outside the ASF.

The relevant code (already there, unchanged for a good while) in

     public Endpoint createEndpoint(String uri) throws Exception {
         ObjectHelper.notNull(getCamelContext(), "camelContext");
         // check URI string to the unsafe URI characters
         String encodedUri = preProcessUri(uri);
         URI u = new URI(encodedUri);
         String path = u.getSchemeSpecificPart();

and the preProcessUri method:

     protected String preProcessUri(String uri) {
         // Give components a chance to preprocess URIs and migrate to 
URI syntax that discourages invalid URIs
         // (see CAMEL-4425)
         // check URI string to the unsafe URI characters
         String encodedUri = UnsafeUriCharactersEncoder.encode(uri);
         if (!encodedUri.equals(uri)) {
             // uri supplied is not really valid
             LOG.warn("Supplied URI '{}' contains unsafe characters, 
please check encoding", uri);
         return encodedUri;

So my solution would be something like creating another method, say 
oldSyntax(uri), move UnsafeUriCharactersEncoder.encode() and all the 
hacks there, change preProcessUri to first try to instantiate the URI, 
if there is an exception convert the old syntax to new syntax, issue a 
WARN in the log showing both the old syntax and the new syntax (this is 
how users could easily upgrade) and then return the valid, newly 
designed URI and pass it to createEndpoint.

We also need to add test support for testing/validating URIs, fairly 
easy to do.

There are however other things we could (should?) do I am thinking 
about. For instance, what about having a set of camel specific uri 
parameters, such as 'id' or 'conf' usable across all 
endpoints/components. For instance the Endpoint ids in jmx are based on 
the uri (key) and are totally ugly. Users could redefine that with an 
optional "direct:foo?id=bar", so the Endpoint id would be "bar". Or we 
could have "jms:foo?conf=property:bar" so bar would be a configuration 
object for the jms object. We could prefix them with 'camel-' or 
something to avoid potential conflicts. There may be other predefined 
params we may want to use and create conventions around. There are some 
problems with my examples above, I am fully aware of it, but 
constructive proposals are appreciated. Next week I'll be in vacation, 
hopefully with a clearer head and able to propose something that would 
fully work.


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