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From Babak Vahdat <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] - Apache Camel 2.10 release
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 12:03:09 GMT

I don't see anything strange on this as there was no Hokuspokus I did by the
following revision :-)

Through introducing a dedicated <repository> by camel-msv POM we instruct
Maven to pick from here:


Instead of here:


Now for this to work one should remove any POM which was once already
downloaded through [2] IF ANY. From there on Maven will do always download
through [1] as we have instructed it to do so. Note that removal of the
crappy POM downloaded through [2] should be done ONLY ONCE. 

Now back to problem with build 124 you've mentioned: I suspect there are
other Jenkins Builds for some other Apache projects using the SAME m2-cache
on the filesystem causing Maven to poll from [2] as for sure it's not Camel
anymore asking for that old POM. I also had the suspection that maybe
transitively, we could have the same dependency to isorelax-jaxp-bridge
somewhere else through some other Camel modules which makes Maven to poll
from [2] which I did already check. This is however not the case.

See also the yellow notice here:


Claus Ibsen-2 wrote
> On Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 5:36 PM, Claus Ibsen &lt;claus.ibsen@&gt; wrote:
>> Hi
>> The Apache CI server on Camel trunk with java7, had an issue at the end.
>> I think its related to that Maven 3.0.4 issue with that camel-msv
>> component (I think it was that one).
>> So I configured it to use Maven 3.0.3 instead, just to see if it
>> completes then.
> Yes the build was now a success
> The next build failed due some internal Hudson issue
> (I guess it would be nice if Hudson was improved to better detects its
> own failures and display this differently)
> I wonder if anyone on the Infra team could remove the below directories?
> .m2/repository/org/iso_relax/
> /m2/repository/msv
> As strangely having Maven to re-download the artifact fixes that on Maven
> 3.0.4.
> Babak provided this workaround in a post on this mailing listing
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> Claus Ibsen
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