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From Claus Ibsen <>
Subject Re: Getting closer with Java7....
Date Tue, 08 May 2012 07:24:43 GMT

Thanks its a good step in the right direction.

For quickfix, there is a new release (1.5.2), we could possible try to
see if that is compatible with Java7

And we need an osgi bundle for it anyway, so we may publish it in the SMX repo

For the fix in, i wonder if the hardcoded namespace to
  @XmlType(name = "converterList", namespace =
would be an issue for Blueprint XML, as we have the schema as:
    "" instead

On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 4:56 AM, Daniel Kulp <> wrote:
> You likely saw a bunch of commits from me today.    I'm trying to get Camel
> to be at least somewhat buildable and testable with Java7.   With the
> changes today, Everything except camel-quickfix is compilable with Java7.
> I've slowing beginning to work through the tests.   I just got the camel-
> spring stuff passing which is a big step.     I'll start going through more
> of them tomorrow.
> The three major "problems" are camel-test-blueprint, camel-twitter, and
> camel-quickfix.  All three of them rely on libraries that are "Java 1.4
> compatible" via the "-target jsr14" compiler flag on a Java5 vm.  This
> allowed the code to work with Java 1.4, yet still use the Generics and such.
> Java6 apparently reads those types of classes fine and resolves the
> generics.   Java 7 does not.   It sees 1.4 class files and doesn't grab any
> generics from them.
> For camel-test-blueprint, I forced the older osgi-core lib in front which
> doesn't have the generics.   Thus, both Java6 and 7 see the same non-
> generics enabled class files.
> For camel-twitter, I changed from mock classes to using
> java.lang.reflect.Proxy object to mock the interfaces.  Thus, we don't have
> to compile classes that actually implement the troublesome interfaces.
> Haven't found a solution for camel-quickfix yet.   Thus, for java7, I've
> removed that module from the build for now.  It looks like quickfix builds
> with java5 and then retrotranslates to java1.4.   I think the j1.4 version
> is what maven is picking up.  May need to find the 1.5 version and get that
> into maven.
> Anyway, things are progressing.
> --
> Daniel Kulp
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> Talend Community Coder -

Claus Ibsen
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