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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: CXF Message/Payload/????? modes.....
Date Fri, 11 May 2012 02:29:53 GMT
On 5/10/12 11:40 PM, Daniel Kulp wrote:
> We discussed a while ago how the Camel CXF component's modes don't really
> "match" what CXF can provide.   It currently has two modes:
> 1) Message mode - it provides the full message kind of as a stream.
> However, it specifically DISABLES much of the CXF processing of the message.
> 2) Payload - allows CXF to process it, but only provides the body.
Yeah, it's a long story which can be traced back to 5 years ago.
I open to do some enhancement in the Camel 3.0 :)

> However, in CXF, "Message Mode" really means access to the whole message,
> but also processed and verified by CXF.   Thus, there is a mismatch between
> the two semantics of Message mode.  There is also no easy way in Camel to
> have the equivalent of the CXF Message mode.

Current camel-cxf just remove interceptors for certain phases, it is 
hard for user to add validation or other interceptors to inspect the 
message unless he do some hacking work as Aki said.

> What I'd LIKE to do is:
> 1) Introduce a new "RAW" mode which is the current Message mode.   Likely
> for now, the two would just be aliases of each other, but I'd prefer to
> promote usage of the new RAW mode name to keep it clear that it's not the
> same as the CXF message mode.

It makes sense.

> 2) Introduce a new mode that would mimic the CXF Message mode.   Just not
> sure what to call it.  PROCESSED_MESSAGE?   Thoughts?

All the messages which are came from CXF are already processed by CXF,
I don't think PROCESSED_MESSAGE is a good name.
> For Camel 3.0, I think I'd change MESSAGE to map to the new
> PROCESSED_MESSAGE to keep semantics similar.   Not something to do now
> though.

If we make the change in Camel 3.x, I think we can keep the MESSAGE and 
map it directly to CXF MESSAGE mode. We can add immigration notes for it.

> Thoughts?

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