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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: Getting closer with Java7....
Date Tue, 08 May 2012 07:42:18 GMT
I have created a Java 7 compliant osgi spec bundle in Karaf.

So if we need the generics we could use this. As the module is basically 
just a pom we could also simply do the same in camel to avoid
the additional dependency.



Am 08.05.2012 04:56, schrieb Daniel Kulp:
> You likely saw a bunch of commits from me today.    I'm trying to get Camel
> to be at least somewhat buildable and testable with Java7.   With the
> changes today, Everything except camel-quickfix is compilable with Java7.
> I've slowing beginning to work through the tests.   I just got the camel-
> spring stuff passing which is a big step.     I'll start going through more
> of them tomorrow.
> The three major "problems" are camel-test-blueprint, camel-twitter, and
> camel-quickfix.  All three of them rely on libraries that are "Java 1.4
> compatible" via the "-target jsr14" compiler flag on a Java5 vm.  This
> allowed the code to work with Java 1.4, yet still use the Generics and such.
> Java6 apparently reads those types of classes fine and resolves the
> generics.   Java 7 does not.   It sees 1.4 class files and doesn't grab any
> generics from them.
> For camel-test-blueprint, I forced the older osgi-core lib in front which
> doesn't have the generics.   Thus, both Java6 and 7 see the same non-
> generics enabled class files.
> For camel-twitter, I changed from mock classes to using
> java.lang.reflect.Proxy object to mock the interfaces.  Thus, we don't have
> to compile classes that actually implement the troublesome interfaces.
> Haven't found a solution for camel-quickfix yet.   Thus, for java7, I've
> removed that module from the build for now.  It looks like quickfix builds
> with java5 and then retrotranslates to java1.4.   I think the j1.4 version
> is what maven is picking up.  May need to find the 1.5 version and get that
> into maven.
> Anyway, things are progressing.

Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect
Talend Application Integration Division

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