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From camel_user <>
Subject camel ThreadHelper class failing to parse amqp topic x-bindings
Date Mon, 21 May 2012 17:15:23 GMT

I am using camel version 2.9.1, with qpid amqp 0.10

I've defined my amqp endpoint as:

*<from uri="amqp:topic:{{broadcast.queue}}" />*

where {{broadcast.queue}} is 

*broadcast.BLABLA.TradeNotification;{ node: { type: queue },create: never,
mode: consume, assert: never }}
when I start the application, I get no errors, but the endpoint is not
receiving any amqp messages that are on the topic.

The only thing I can see in the logs is this message:

2012-05-21 18:09:32,837 [DEBUG-main]
component.jms.DefaultJmsMessageListenerContainer - Listener container task
ListenerContainer$AsyncMessageListenerInvoker@48899e6a] has been rejected
and paused: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Pattern is invalid: Camel
(eurex) thre
ad #${counter} - ${name}

I have traced the problem to org.apache.camel.util.concurrent.ThreadHelper
class resolveThreadName(String pattern, String name) method

which throws this error:

*throw new IllegalArgumentException("Pattern is invalid: " + pattern);*

/if (answer.indexOf("$") > -1 || answer.indexOf("${") > -1 ||
answer.indexOf("}") > -1) {/
answer in this case being:

/Camel (camel-1) thread #1 -
JmsConsumer[broadcast.BLABLA.TradeNotification;{ node: { type: queue
},create: never, mode: consume, assert: never }]/

as a result of this IllegalArgumentException the amqp endpoint is rejected
and paused and hence no messages would arrive.

Has anyone experienced this problem or know a workaround?

I've tried escaping the } (right curly bracket that causes the issue) by
\\}, RBRACE and even html codes to no avail.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!

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