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From tfeng <>
Subject Zookeeper load balancing component?
Date Sun, 13 May 2012 23:43:03 GMT
Is there a component in camel that supports client-side load balancing using

Specifically, I'd like to have a component with which I can register 1 or
more consumers to a common endpoint, and have the producer produce messages
to any of these clients (in round-robin, random, arbitrary, or whatever ways
- I don't care because the consumer is stateless).

For example, if I register consumers to amq://queue-consumer1,
amq://queue-consumer2, amq://queue-consumer3, and register them to zookeeper
with node /queue, I'd like to send messages to anyone of them with a URL
like zklb://queue.

If such a component doesn't exist, should I file a bug and create it?

(I searched the ML and found a zookeeper component, but it's only to write
data to zookeeper but not to leverage zookeeper for load balancing.)


Thomas Feng

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