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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Camel Alerts
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2012 16:24:29 GMT
Hi Johan,

that sounds great.

The only thing we should take care of here is to not couple the alerting 
too much too the things we want to monitor. So I propose to only 
generate internal events in the
camel core. Like an event when a thread pool is accessed or a exception 
is caused. The alerting could then be in its own module and analyze the 
low level events and create new events like
you described. The current event system can be a quite good base for 
these efforts.

Btw. when you work on the even system you could check if it can be made 
less intrusive. Currently the eventing couples where the events are 
generated to much to the eventing. I also plan to improve some of this 
for camel 3.


Am 20.02.2012 09:43, schrieb michal.warecki:
> Thanks for you feedback!
> Chistian:
> Exacly, general idea can present the following hypothetical configuration:
> <camelContext id="camel" xmlns="">
> 	<alerts>
> 		<threadPoolAlert id="tpa" profile="fooProfile" severity="major"
> threshold="70%" />
> 		<lowMemoryAlert id="lma" pool="PermGen" severity="critical"
> threshold="80%" />
> 		<exceptionAlert id="xa" type="" severity="critical" />
> 	</alerts>
> 	<threadPoolProfile id="fooProfile" poolSize="20" maxPoolSize="50"
> maxQueueSize="-1"/>
> 	<route>
> 	<from uri="alert?id=tpa"/>
> 	<to uri="smtp://"/>
> 	</route>
> </camelContext>
> Alert will generate an event and specified route can receive this event.
> Christain, do you mean something like that?
> Johan,
> thanks for thanks for the support.
> Michal
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