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From Hadrian Zbarcea <>
Subject [CANCEL][VOTE] Release Apache Camel 2.9.0
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2011 15:25:42 GMT
I think there were enough -1s to cancel this vote and redo this release.
The artifacts were ok, the only issues found were only related to OSGi. 
I'll look into automating the release sanity in an OSGi environment as 
well, as it may help with identifying such issues earlier.

One more note: please keep in mind that before a release vote passes, 
there is always a chance of having to redo it and we should limit the 
number of patches while a release is in progress.

I assume we're still shooting for releasing 2.9.0 this year, so I'll 
prepare for another 2.9.0 release (I'll remember to remove the tag this 


On 12/22/2011 08:04 AM, Willem Jiang wrote:
> As you know The stax and jaxws-api are part of the JDK6. If these
> package are exported from JRE, we may face some trouble if we install
> the package bundle at the same time. That is why we remove there bundle
> from camel-core feature in CAMEL-4671[1]
> To load these API bundle or not depends on whether OSGi container export
> these packages or not by default,
> It is not easy to support these two use case in a single apache-camel
> features.xml, So I added xml-specs-api feature in the apache-camel
> features.xml.
> We could let karaf or pax-exam to load the xml-specs-api feature before
> loading other camel features in case the OSGi container doesn't export
> these packages. And if the OSGi container already exports these
> packages, we could skip the xml-specs-api feature.
> [1]
> On 12/22/11 2:20 AM, Christian Müller wrote:
>> I also have problems to install camel-hdfs:
>> Christian-Muellers-MacBook-Pro:bin cmueller$ ./karaf clean
>> karaf@root> features:addurl
>> mvn:org.apache.camel.karaf/apache-camel/2.9.0/xml/features
>> karaf@root> features:install camel-hdfs
>> Error executing command: Could not start bundle
>> mvn:org.apache.servicemix.specs/org.apache.servicemix.specs.jaxws-api-2.2/1.9.0
>> in feature(s) camel-hdfs-2.9.0, cxf-specs-2.5.1, camel-soap-2.9.0:
>> Unresolved constraint in bundle org.apache.servicemix.specs.jaxws-api-2.2
>> [88]: Unable to resolve 88.0: missing requirement [88.0] package;
>> (&(package=javax.xml.bind)(version>=2.2.0))

Hadrian Zbarcea
Principal Software Architect
Talend, Inc

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