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From Babak Vahdat <>
Subject Re: Veto! (Re: svn commit: r1225170....)
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2011 16:36:55 GMT

IMHO much worse than the grammer errors are the semantic errors all over the places where
the classes have been refactored from package X to Y without adjustment of their description.
If these corrections are not done at the right time, namley when committing, then it becomes
just a matter of good luck to catch & fix them afterwards, like the javadoc of CamelLogger.


Von meinem iPhone gesendet

Am 28.12.2011 um 16:36 schrieb Glen Mazza <>:

> Sorry, Claus, anything above 10 grammar errors activates the harsh, unforgiving veto
buzzer.  :)
> On 12/28/2011 07:38 AM, wrote:
> Modified: camel/trunk/examples/camel-example-loadbalancing/README.txt
> URL:
> ==============================================================================
> --- camel/trunk/examples/camel-example-loadbalancing/README.txt (original)
> +++ camel/trunk/examples/camel-example-loadbalancing/README.txt Wed Dec 28 12:38:53 2011
>> +This example show how you can easily use the camel-mina component to design a solution
> This example shows , Camel-MINA
>> +allowing to distribute message workload on several servers.
> allowing for distributing...    onto several servers
>> +These servers are simple TCP/IP servers created by the Apache MINA framework and
running in
> ...and run in...
>> +separate JVMs. The load balancer pattern of Camel which is used top of them allows
> ...allows for
>> +send in a Round Robin model mode the messages created from a camel Bean component
> sending in (no "a") Round Robin mode (no "model") the messages...  Camel...
>> +respectively to each server running on localhost:9991 and localhost:9992.
> alternately between each server...
>> +
>> +The demo starts when every 5th seconds, a Report object is created from the camel
load balancer server.
> every *5* seconds (or every 5th *second*), created *by* the *Camel*...
>> +This object is send by the camel load balancer to a MINA server and object is serialized.
> This object is *sent* by the *Camel* load balancer to a MINA server where it is serialized.
>> +One of the two MINA servers (localhost:9991 and localhost:9992) receives the object
and enrich the
> *enriches*
>> message
>> +by setting the field reply of the Report object. The reply is send back by the MINA
server to the
> *sent* back
>> client,
>> +which then logs the reply on the console.
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> Glen Mazza
> Talend Community Coders
> blog:

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