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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] fifth Camel sub-forum camel-issues
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2011 23:54:09 GMT
On Thursday, October 27, 2011 12:03:49 AM Christian Müller wrote:
> At present, we have four sub-forums:
> - camel-users
> - camel-commits
> - camel-development
> - camel-extra
> What's about adding a fifth sub-forum "camel-issues" (as we already have for
> CXF) and send all [jira] messages into this forum?


It makes perusing the mail archives a LOT easer to not have all the JIRA stuff 
in there.   Finding the onlist discussions is much simpler.   Just look at the 
difference between:


THAT said, there is a slight downside.   In some cases, people say "hey, I 
have an issue, post to issues@.."  so people do have to be diligent to watch 
for "real" things in there and direct them back here.   

Also, you want to make sure infra sets up the reply-to to be dev@ so any non-
JIRA discussions go to dev list.

Another thing to "consider" would be a notifications@ list for Jenkins 
notifications.   Right now, we only have notifications going to those that 
have committed things.   Nothing logged or archived.

> I could imagine we have to much messages in the camel-development forum
> which are not really interesting for the developers subscribed to this list.
> Maybe this is the reason why some discussions are not very active. Maybe we
> overlooked they...

Daniel Kulp
Talend -

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