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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] How to create Exchanges?
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2011 14:12:19 GMT
On 5 September 2011 14:04, Christian Schneider <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am currently trying to minimize the use of impl classes in components and
> check how to completely hide impl classes for 3.0.
> So I will have to move several classes from impl to support as they are used
> as base classes anyway (e.g. DefaultEndpoint). A special case is
> DefaultExchange. It is not a base class, in fact it is the only
> implementation of Exchange.
> So the big question is how do we want to handle exchange creation. There are
> two main solutions I can think of:
> - Hide the implementation and offer factory methods on camelContext
> - Move the implementation to support and so allow new DefaultExchange from
> any class
> We also have factory methods for Exchange on Endpoint and DefaultEndpoint.
> The question is do we need these? DefaultEndpoint would not be able to hide
> the impl of DefaultExchange as it has to reside in support and is a base
> class. So if we want to hide DefaultExchange the factory impl must be in a
> real impl class like DefaultCamelContext.

An Endpoint maybe be able to create a more optimal Exchange object
since it knows the ultimate destination of the Exchange; e.g. to avoid
double-creation of header structures - such as creating a JMS Message
to store properties directly rather than creating a Map which later on
gets copied to a JMS message etc. So its a handy optimisation hook for
sure. Plus an endpoint typically knows the default ExchangePattern
value for an Exchange; so I'd suggest keeping it.

Being able to just use DefaultExchange directly in code seems fine to
me. A factory method on CamelContext would be OK too I guess; though
personally I tend to use either the Endpoint or ProducerTemplate as
the factory of Exchanges. If I'm sending exchanges from outside of a
particular endpoint I use ProducerTemplate - within an Endpoint
implementation I use the factory method on Endpoint. So not 100% sure
if a factory method on CamelContext has that much value really.

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