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From Claus Ibsen <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] - Trunk as Camel 3.0
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2011 09:04:09 GMT
On Sat, Sep 24, 2011 at 5:07 PM, Ioannis Canellos <> wrote:
> I understand that there are two respectable views on the subject:
> a) We should guarantee forward compatibility for 2.x as the major version
> implies.
> b) The API changes should not wait for the 3.0.0 release as its not going to
> happen any time soon.
> I was wondering if it would be possible to make a fast 3.0.0 release with
> the API changes and move the rest of 3.0.0 roadmap (which undoubtably will
> require more time) to release 4.0.0. The 3.x could have a short lifecycle
> and could serve till we are ready to deliver the rest of the roadmap into
> 4.0.0. Would such a solution make sense?

It does for me. Big API changes should happen in Camel 3.0 IMHO. And
leave the current 2.x API as is.
Then some "migration" APIs may be put in 2.x when the API in Camel 3.0
is settled. This can help people migrate gently.

Then you do not take the entire community as hostage by forcing the
API changes in Camel 2.x upon them.
This is very unexpected. We have not put out any message to the
community that this was going to happen.
The community have been using Camel 2.x for 2+ years and would expect
the API to be stable.
See the survey we did where people comment that they want the API stable. (link on top of this page)

We have not recently put our a survey to ask for feedback in the
community if they want bigger API changes in the 2.x,
that will break backwards compatibility.
Neither have this been discussed in the @dev / among the entire Camel team.

Instead Christian just carried out doing this work as a "rouge soldier
on a mission". With no intend to stop.
This is disrespectful for the community, and for other Camel team members.

In the start of this year, when we talked about dropping support for
JDK5 and Spring 2.x, we discussed this on @dev first.

Then we had a vote. And we put out a message to the community ahead of time

This time, none of this happened.

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