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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] - Trunk as Camel 3.0
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2011 14:08:34 GMT

-1 - this makes no sense to me.   Christian and Hadrian have done a ton of 
work to make sure those changes are completely compatible for 2.x users while 
also providing those users a glimpse into what 3.0 will look like and 
providing migration paths for those users.    That's a *good* thing.

What I *would* be in favor of is:

Create a 2.9.x (or just 2.x) branch off of trunk now to start the final 
stabilizing and testing of that code base on that branch.   Then make trunk 
3.0 and immediately remove all the @deprecated stuff there to start real work 
toward the 3.0 release.


On Friday, September 23, 2011 1:13:56 PM Claus Ibsen wrote:
> Hi
> I would like to propose that Camel source code currently on trunk is
> to be Camel 3.0.0.
> And the current code on the 2.8.x branch is to be used for the 2.x
> lifetime of Camel.
> The reason for this can be summarized as:
> 1) All the API changes on trunk, and still to be done API changes
> 2) Preserve Camel 2.x API stability
> 3) Camel 2.x continue as usual
> 4) Camel 2.x is already 2+ years old.
> 5) The community would expect work on Camel 3.0 starting soon.
> By letting the trunk code be targeted for Camel 3.0.0, we open the
> ability to refactor the API more freely,
> and without causing trouble for our large group of 2.x Camel users,
> who are not expecting API changes in the camel-core at all.
> Likewise the latest merges on the 2.8.x branch is already including
> new features and other improvements,
> which is a good offset for Camel 2.9.0. We can of course backport "the
> missings" from trunk such as:
> new components, and other improvements, new features, which we think
> is worthwhile
> and that the community would like to have in the Camel 2.9 release.
Daniel Kulp
Talend -

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