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From boday <>
Subject [discuss] implementing Locks in Camel
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2011 20:16:41 GMT
hey guys, while working on a solution for a client, I ran into the need to
"synchronize" multiple routes that modify the same data (users, orders, etc)
to prevent collisions (stale writes, etc).  Is there an existing way to do
this that I've overlooked?  

In the past, I've relied on
AMQ message groups  for JMS based routes and Hazelcast to span
routes/containers.  I feel this would be a good fit for the Camel DSL.  Has
anyone looked into this in the past?

After doing some quick research, it seems like Java
Lock  seems to be the way to go.  Also, Hazelcast can extend this to be
distributed across VMs.

So, I've been playing around with adding distributed locking support with
Hazelcast (see CAMEL-4397
) and wanted to get some feedback on doing this.  In particular, I'm using a
Lock instance stored in a ThreadLocal variable (to ensure that the same
thread releases the lock).  Does anyone see any issue with this approach?

If all goes well with this, I was planning on also adding a DSL API to
provide a basic support for (non distributed)
ReentrantLocks .

something like this...


Any advice/comments are welcome...thanks

Ben O'Day
IT Consultant -

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