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From "E.Gherardini" <>
Subject How to correctly handle Component parameters
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2011 14:36:39 GMT
in my component (for oracle coherence distributed cache) I have different
type of parameters:

1) parameters related to the endpoint (e.g. like the SedaComponent
"concurrentConsumers"): these parameters are the ones that I would like an
user configure inside the endpoint URI (as happens in the SedaComponent) and
that can change between different endpoints.

2) parameters related to the compontent itself, that must be shared between
different endpoint (ideally they should be set at component creation time),
and that I do not want an user to be able to change in an endpoint-URI (e.g.
the cache cluster IP/port, these MUST be the same between different
endpoints, or the endpoints will not be connected between them) or after the
component is created.

To my understanding, the best way is:

1) for these parameters, parse the endpoint URI (as the SedaComponent does)

2) for these parameters, provide a constructor argument: but in this way, if
the default constructor is invoked by Camel, I can't find a way to force
Camel to reuse the already provided values.

I hope to get some hints from you ;)

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