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From Hadrian Zbarcea <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Manual generation more PDF friendly
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2011 00:43:16 GMT
Aside from the generation during release:prepare issue [1], for which I have to do some more
releases and drop the artifacts to figure out (unless somebody has a better idea), I looked
at the rendered pdf manual [2] and a few things look horrific. In particular the Components
page [3] is so wide it doesn't fit into the screen and the table based documentation of the
uri arguments/options is not consistent in many cases, missing in some and spans across 5
columns (like in the CXF component [4] case) which again, renders very bad.

I intend to spend some time in the next week cleaning up the docs a bit and I propose a 3
column based format:
Name | Descriptions | Required
consolidating the Description and Example columns (having the example part at the end of the
description, and consolidation the Required and Default Value columns (if Required is Yes,
there is no default value, so in many cased that column is empty anyway, just taking space

I will make changes to the CXF page [4] in the next hour or so and give an example of what
I mean (you can see a diff from the previous version). If you have a better idea please shout.
Once we agree on a format I can go ahead and try to make it consistent and complete across
all components.


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