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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] - JMSReplyTo to yourself
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2011 07:02:35 GMT
Hi Claus,

I also have not seen people using the same queue for replies. Although 
it would be possible o do so using message selectors. So if we want to 
block this we should allow people to override. Something like 


Am 20.01.2011 07:38, schrieb Claus Ibsen:
> Hi
> Suppose you have a Camel route
> from("activemq:queue:foo")
>     .process(xxx)
> And a client sends a message to the foo queue with a JMSReplyTo header
> set with the queue:foo destination.
> The client has essentially told to send a reply back to the same queue
> as the message was consumed.
> Currently Camel will happily comply and send a reply message to the
> foo queue. Now what could happen is the message will keep doing this.
> Is there any use-cases in the real life where you want to send a reply
> message back to the same message queue?
> If not we can implement logic to detect this and avoid doing that.
> Camel can log a WARN when it has detect this so
> end users can notice in the logs if they have such a case.
> We can introduce an option so people can turn this odd behavior on and
> allow to send back replies to same queue.
> The current remedy is to enable this option as follows:
> from("activemq:queue:foo?disableReplyTo=true")
>     .process(xxx)
> But that's general so if there was a JMSReplyTo header with the
> queue:bar then it would be ignored as well.
> However sending to a bar queue may be a valid use-case.


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