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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Migrating activemq JIRA contents to
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2010 16:48:12 GMT

This weekend I would like to migrate the contents of to
When ActiveMQ moved to Apache in 2006 it wasn't possible to merge
JIRAs, so ActiveMQ's JIRA (like Struts, Cayenne, Ofbiz and Roller) had
to live separately. A separate JIRA has always been rather
non-optimal, as users need a separate (but identically named) account
and get confused between systems, and it adds to the system
administration burden. Since 2006 JIRA's capabilities have improved
and we've worked out a process. ActiveMQ is the last separate JIRA to
be merged.

Some notes on the proposed merge:
 - All old URLs will be preserved by httpd 301 redirects, including
links to saved searches. Clients that do not automatically follow 301
redirects (RSS readers?) may need updating.
 - All user accounts that have seen any activity will be copied across.
 - If you have accounts on both systems with identical email address
but non-matching usernames (eg. 'jsmith' on /activemq JIRA,
'john.smith' on /jira JIRA), your /activemq content will be owned by
your /jira username. If this happens to your account you will receive
an email notifying you of the account merge.
- All project configuration *should* be functionally identical (but
using roles instead of groups for permissions). Users are members of
the same groups. Members of 'jira-administrators' are now in
'activemq-administrators' which is granted administration permissions
on activemq/servicemix projects.

I'd like to start the migration around 27 Nov, 02h00 GMT
The migration is likely to take 2-5 hours during which the ActiveMQ
JIRA will be available but read-only.

Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions.

Apache Infrastructure Team

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