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From Claus Ibsen <>
Subject Re: Social Network Feed Component
Date Sat, 20 Nov 2010 15:55:51 GMT

Yeah would be great to work with Bruno's on the camel-social component.

Bruno had previously expressed that he would work on this and when its
more ready he would hand it over to Apache
so we have the component in the kit.

However it would be cool to get some more traction on this project
because social software is becoming more interesting.

On Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 12:15 AM, Richard Kettelerij
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> FYI, Bruno Borges has done some work on a PoC implementation called
> "camel-social" ( It sounds similar
> to what you're describing. Perhaps you guys can work together to create a
> single OAuth component?
> Also note the work being done at SpringSource with respect to
> "spring-social" ( It follows the
> familair template pattern (like JdbcTemplate, JmsTemplate, etc) to access
> data from social networks.
> Regards,
> Richard Kettelerij
> On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 10:40 PM, Aaron Mulder <
>> wrote:
>> I have some code for a feed that emits Camel messages for your
>> LinkedIn network updates.  It would be pretty easy to extend that to
>> Twitter, Foursquare, Yahoo, and etc. (whoever uses OAuth).  It has a
>> dependency on Scribe which uses the MIT license -- I believe that's
>> fine, right?
>> Anyway, right now it extends the Feed* stuff from the camel-atom
>> module, and behaves pretty similarly to the Atom component.  But I
>> don't think we'd want to put all this into the camel-atom module --
>> that would seem pretty misleading.
>> I'm wondering if it's worth splitting the base Feed* stuff off into
>> another module, or renaming camel-atom to camel-feeds and putting my
>> code in there, or just creating a brand new module that happens to
>> have a dependency on camel-atom.
>> Thoughts?
>> Thanks,
>>       Aaron

Claus Ibsen
Twitter: davsclaus
Author of Camel in Action:

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