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From William Tam <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] CXF 2.3 upgrade in Camel 2.6?
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2010 20:33:50 GMT
I think there are reasons not to (not sure if they are good reasons though)

* Don't have to touch Camel 2.x camel-cxf component  We can then direct 
the effort/focus to Camel 3 to make it happen sooner.
* We probably still don't know this for sure yet.   Besides the runtime, 
spring configuration and camel-cxf APIs probably should be backward 
compatible.   Otherwise, Camel 2.6 upgrade could mean configuration 
change exercises for users.

On 11/04/2010 03:28 PM, Hadrian Zbarcea wrote:
> Is there a good reason not to?
> One would use the camel-cxf component either to expose a route as a ws (from) or to invoke
a ws (to). From this point of view, the backward compatibility we require is on the wire,
which I am pretty certain we do satisfy. The other issue is deployment, camel having a new
set of dependencies would require an app to upgrade. In an osgi environment that should not
be a problem. In a webapp it could be a bit problematic, but if the camel piece is in a separate
war, that should be fine too.
> By the way, this is a discussion for dev@, not users@.
> Cheers
> Hadrian
> On Nov 4, 2010, at 10:40 AM, William Tam wrote:
>> Willem and I would like to start a discussion regarding which release of Camel should
be upgraded to CXF 2.3.  There is a lot of good reasons to upgrade to CXF 2.3.   However,
upgrading it in Camel 2.6 could mean stopping supporting CXF 2.2.x in the future Camel 2.x
releases.  (see It also means that users
who upgrade to Camel 2.6 will be forced to upgrade to CXF 2.3.  It is almost certain that
Camel 3 will have CXF 2.3.x, which (Camel 3) is targeted from 1st quarter of 2011.   It is
not that far away.   So, let's hear your opinion on whether we should upgrade to CXF 2.3 in
Camel 2.6 or not?
>> Thanks,
>> Willem and William

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