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From Henryk Konsek <>
Subject [camel-extra][db4o] Stable db4o dependencies
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2010 12:33:23 GMT
I've just commit fix to unstable db4o dependencies.

rev304 adds directory /maven2/others . This is repository for 3rd
party jars (like stable db4o) for camel-extra.
I also deployed com.db4o:db4o-core-java5:3.12 there.

rev305 (sorry for SVN comment missed) fixes db4o dependency to the
stable one in /trunk/components/camel-db4o/pom.xml.
I also added new repository (/maven2/others) to parent POM
(/trunk/pom.xml) so that all camel-extra components have access to the
new 3rd party repo.

If only db4o releases stable maven repo, I'll remove db4o from our
camel-extra repository.

Is such approach fair enough?

Henryk Konsek

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