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From Schneider Christian <>
Subject Some thoughts about the architecture of camel
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2010 09:43:27 GMT
Hi all,

I will have some free time in december as I am changing my employer. So I am planning to work
a little on some architectural improvements for camel 3.0.0. As these things are very critical
to the stability of camel I would like to get feedback before I start any substantial work.

As you surely know currently camel-core is quite tangled. So it is quite difficult where to
start. Some time ago I proposed some improvements to simply reduce those dependency cycles.
As I now know a lot more about camel I think that this simple aproach will not really work.
So this time I want to do this a little more structured. So I start with two simple goals:

"The camel components should know as little as possible about camel core"

"The classes needed to setup camel should be separate from the things needed at run time"

So why should this be important? Currently components depend on camel-core as a whole and
there are no further rules which classes the components should use and which classes should
be private to core. Even classes from the impl package are needed. So this means that any
refactoring we do in camel core could affect all components. As camel is growing steadily
this can become quite problematic.

So my idea would be to split camel-core into three parts:

api, builder, impl

These should be structured in a way that these big building blocks do not have cyclic dependencies.
Any other cycles can be ignored in this step.

As allowed depdencies I propose ( "->" means may use, depends on):

* -> api
end user config -> builder
builder -> impl

I think the first thing we should do is to discuss and reach a consensus about a basic architecure
and rules like above. Then the next step is to assign each package of core to one of the basic
parts. Then the next step is to resolve cycles between the parts.

What do you think about these ideas?



Christian Schneider
Business Solutions
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