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From RomualdoGobbo <>
Subject Re: Messages queue filtered depending on info received by another queue
Date Wed, 08 Sep 2010 08:32:38 GMT


<beans xmlns=""
  <!-- START SNIPPET: example -->
  <camelContext id="Telelink-context" trace="true"
	<template id="producer" />
	<consumerTemplate id="consumer" />

<!--    <from uri="file:src/data?noop=true"/>  -->
		<from uri="file:src/data"/>
		<to uri="jms:toTelelinkQ"/>

 <!-- OPEN Server Socket and send them to internal bean   -->
 <!--     	<from uri="timer://foo?period=5000"/>     -->
	<from uri="netty:tcp://localhost:5000?textline=true&amp;sync=true"/>
  		<bean ref="myBeanId" method="getTelelinkCommand"/>
  		<to uri="jms:MyQueue"/>

    <!-- now command integration and lets write messages from the queue to a
directory     -->   
  		<from uri="jms:MyQueue"/>
		<to uri="file:target/outputFiles"/>

    <!-- now lets write messages from the directory to some queues directory
  		<from uri="file:target/outputFiles"/>
		<to uri="jms:toDroolsQ"/>
		<to uri="jms:toTrackingQ"/>

	<!-- lets configure Bean -->
	<bean id="myBeanId" class="newlog.camel.TelelinkCommandBean"/>

	<!-- lets configure the default ActiveMQ broker URL -->
	<bean id="jms" class="org.apache.camel.component.jms.JmsComponent">
		<property name="connectionFactory">
		<bean class="org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQConnectionFactory">
<!-- 			<property name="brokerURL"
value="vm://localhost?broker.persistent=false"/>  -->
				<property name="brokerURL" value="tcp://localhost:61616"/>  
  <!-- END SNIPPET: example -->

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